Fast Start Bonus + Upgrades

Active Distributors are eligible to receive Fast Start Bonuses on new enrollment orders and upgrade orders of personally enrolled Distributors or customers. The bonus is paid one time on sales of packages to customers and Distributors as follows:

Binary Team Commissions

The table below graphically illustrates the ranks, qualifications for ranks, and incentives earned at each rank.


Distributors ranked Global Executive and above are eligible to receive the Generational Match Bonus. A Generational Match Bonus pays up to 10% of the Binary Team Commissions of each Distributor in the earning Distributor’s eligible generations. A generation is defined by Global Executive rank. A Distributor may earn up to five generations of Generational Match Bonus, depending on their Rank. Please refer to the master table.

A Generation is defined by Global Executive rank.

EXAMPLE: Joe’s qualified pay rank is Ambassador. Therefore, he earns 2 generations of matching for each leg of his enrollment tree. Joe personally enrolled Mary, so Mary is one of his enrollment tree legs.

Joe’s 1st generation of this enrollment tree leg consists of both Mary and Larry. Larry qualified as Global Executive, and by doing so, creates Joe’s 2nd generation below him

Joe’s 2nd generation begins with Susan. The generation remains open because no one in Susan’s organization has reached the rank of Global Executive yet.

Mary and Susan earned $100 in weekly Binary Team Commissions. Larry, Sharon, and Steve earned $200 in weekly Binary Team Commissions. The Generational Match Bonus pays up to 10%, however, in this example we will assume Joe earns a 3% bonus on everyone in generations 1 and 2.

Joe earns $3 ($100 X 3%) on both Mary and Susan’s earnings. Joe also earns $6 ($200 X3%) on Larry, Sharon, and Steve’s earnings for a total generational match of $24.

The example assumes a 3% match.


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